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In today's multi-cultural society you, too, as a funeral undertaker, are also confronted with the death of a foreign citizen, who has to be transported back to his home country or a German citizen has died abroad and is to be buried in Germany.

This can present your company with various problems!

  • You do not have sufficient vehicle capacity. Your vehicles are all in operation or they cannot be blocked for the duration of a transport.
  • You have staffing bottlenecks, your business cannot do without you personally or your employees, as your normal business has to be maintained.

This is where we can offer our partnership.

We act in your name and undertake only the outward or the return transport and, if required, the consular service.

We act in our own name. You authorise us to carry out the funeral and we reimburse you immediately for your costs involved in the work which you perform.

Global Body Transfer transports in modern hearses with serious, trained staff to all European countries and, in particular, to: Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, all of the states of former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Greece and Spain, in addition to all of the eastern European states - per plane - worldwide

  • We carry out all of the formalities involving authorities and consulates reliably both at home and abroad.
  • We have a rapid translation service at our disposal for the translation of personal documents.

Place your trust in us and avail yourself of our many years of experience together with our fair pricing in both the transfer within the country and abroad as well as in bringing the deceased back to Germany.


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